Since 2005, I have been developing my skills in working on CAD and BIM programs.

The effect of this is the knowledge of softnesses such as: Rhino, Autocad and Revit.

I have a certificate of completion of training courses on Rhino and Revit programs.

Since 2014 I have been developing in the field of programming object-oriented architecture on the Grasshopper.

I have created several algorithms that help me create architectural designs.

For several years I have been running the website "skalanyarchitects", where I offer services in the field of CAD modeling on the Rhino software.

Thanks to the NURBS modeling skills, I am able to design for 3d printing and CNC milling.

I have developed several models, several of which have been milled on CNC.


I like learning lenguages end reaserch about history.